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Since integration, our automated Amazon order processing has resulted in a time savings of two hours daily. Within the first six months, orders have increased to 55 per day. By the end of year, we expect to double our daily order processing.
VP of Sales

On Time Supply

From high-quality tools to warranty repair service for air compressors, pneumatic tools, and more, On Time Supply is a leading distributor in the wholesale hardware industry. In addition to carrying Max Tools and Hitachi Tools, they stock a wide range of specialty fasteners. On Time Supply relies on the supplementary integration between Distribution One’s comprehensive ERP-ONE software and Amazon for accurate online inventory management and fast order processing.

Cost Savings

“We saved over $18,000 in postage in our first year on the system by emailing and faxing our customer forms.”

On Time Supply converted to Distribution One’s ERP software system looking to modernize their growing operation. The results were immediate and measurable. The benefits described by the President of On Time Supply surfaced in sales analysis, operational efficiency, and a stronger chain of custody from the order to the delivery
at the customer’s location.

Productivity Increase

“We had immediate visibility into which sales representatives were performing and which product lines were providing the best return for our business.”

Integrating ERP-ONE with Amazon provides auto-processing of orders as well as inventory auto-adjustments. In fact, the connectivity between Amazon and ERP-ONE has saved On Time Supply up to 2 hours of order processing time savings every day. When viewed on a monthly scale, this equates to a full week of productivity savings.

In addition to cost savings, Distribution One’s software increased employee productivity. “The fact that it can reprint any of the forms on demand has saved us all the time involved in storing printed documents. We no longer have an administrator tied up filing paperwork for hours each day.”

Inventory Control

Another key component of On Time Supply’s success has been its ability to maintain accurate inventory levels between its storefront and Amazon. Namely, if a drill is purchased from the physical storefront, the adjusted information transfers from ERP-ONE to Amazon to ensure the correct product amounts are displayed. Having this inventory auto-update capability is crucial to successful marketplace selling as Amazon does not tolerate order cancellation rates over 2.5% due to out-of-stock items. The flow of accurate information between ERP-ONE and Amazon ensures the availability of salable items.

On Time Supply also realized productivity improvements relating to their inventory. Under their manual method, the process of maintaining accurate inventory levels on Amazon required 4-5 hours of active daily oversight. After integration, however, ERP-ONE provides Amazon with real-time inventory levels to reconcile new changes to stock without employee interaction.
Amazon has a full count of what we actually have in the warehouse. This has doubled our daily throughput both in-house and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).
VP of Sales

On Time Supply