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Make Processes More Competitive, Less Costly

To avoid underfilling packages, food product manufacturers often overfill instead. SPC methods provide visibility into quality data that enables reduction of overfill, variance, waste, and costs.

Expand Production without Expanding the Plant

A major pharmaceutical company wants to improve efficiency and expand capacity to manufacture new products at one of its primary facilities without having to physically expand the plant.

Modernized Manufacturing: 24% Less Scrap with SPC Quality Control Software

A global manufacturer of security devices consolidated and integrated four manufacturing sites into a single, purpose-built facility.

Thinking Outside the Box to Help Client Products Stand Out

A packaging company in the northeast United States faces challenges that are familiar to manufacturers in any industry

Brooks Food Group

Tracey McConnell, Director of Quality Assurance at Brooks Food Group, talks about how the InfinityQS®  Statistical Process Control (SPC) solution, ProFicient™.


In the semiconductor industry, quality and precision are more than just watchwords: They’re essential to a chip manufacturer’s survival.

Consumer Packaged Food and Beverage Leader Reduces Waste

In order to drive operational excellence, a leading North American consumer packaged Food and Beverage company required a way to collect real-time SPC data from various plant locations.

SPC Tools - Visibility into Variation: Information You Can Act On

In manufacturing, scrap and waste are constant challenges. Yet too many quality teams are missing their greatest opportunity to reduce both. See how better SPC tools bring possibilities to life.

Cloud-Based Quality: One-Time Setup Grows with Your Company

A fledgling artisanal snack food producer is facing the best possible problem: people love its products.