Nothing to Fear

Nothing to Fear

Planning, executing, and surviving the perilous task of audits

Audits are an inevitable part of manufacturing. When it’s time to prepare for an audit, it’s all hands on deck to locate, compile, and present the necessary documentation. The process can takes entire teams out of their workflow, disrupting production. No wonder most quality managers cringe at the thought of preparing for the next one.Want to eliminate the painful time drain—while actually improving product consistency, your response to issues, and quality and safety? Nothing to Fear shows you how manufacturing intelligence software powered by a centralized statistical process control (SPC) data repository enables manufacturers to create a viable plan for compliance, prove the plan works, and control the impact of compliance-related issues. Download this paper to learn how you can make the most of this manufacturing technology solution to help ensure compliance as well as offer the added benefits of cost savings, reduced waste, and better overall food quality and safety.

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