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Put Your Quality Data to Work

Quality dashboards make quality data quick to access and easy to understand. Manufacturers collect enormous amounts of information throughout the manufacturing process to measure and protect the quality of their products. But “measuring what matters” only benefits quality when the information is accessible to decision-makers.

Quality improvement dashboards provide high-level summaries of important metrics without forcing users to dig for details. And dashboards can be tailored to suit the demands of different roles. For example, plant floor operators can focus on a quality alert or metrics for a specific line. Meanwhile, corporate users might investigate historical or enterprise-wide data to uncover new opportunities to improve company profits.

Once built, dashboards and data collections can change how people work in a quality manufacturing environment. Everyone can see how the organization is performing and how their actions affect quality. Armed with actionable information, staff can work more effectively and efficiently toward quality outcomes.

Quality dashboards change the way people work by making it easy for them to quickly find information and take action.

Use Quality Dashboards to Cut Through Complexity

A unified repository for quality data helps manufacturers by putting all their information in one place. Dashboards simplify the way people can look at that data and enable a big-picture view of quality across complex manufacturing processes.

Quality improvement dashboards surface information that has been collected from multiple sources and synthesize it into simple visual models. They cut through the complexity and bring the most pressing issues to the forefront through customized reports and notifications.

Without dashboards, quality teams could easily become buried under enormous amounts of data, and decision-making could grind to a halt. Perhaps worse, leaders might not understand where their biggest problems are hidden, resulting in massively inefficient attempts to improve quality.

Quality dashboards ease data overload and improve:

  • Efficiency—When it’s easy to see the data that’s relevant, you can determine where to spend your time and resources, instead of wasting time and money wondering where to start.
  • Communication—When everyone has access to the same quality information, pulled from standardized data, it’s easier to streamline communication, create best practices, and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Collaboration—Visual models provide an easy-to-understand snapshot of performance and make it easier to share information and solicit feedback from multiple experts.

See Your Quality Data in Action

Do you want a clearer view of quality? See how InfinityQS software and quality dashboards make it easier to take action on your most important quality initiatives.

Tailor Quality Reporting by Role

InfinityQS quality improvement solutions centralize and standardize key quality information; dashboards enable that information to be dispersed quickly and consistently across the organization. With statistical process control (SPC)-driven dashboards, everyone uses the same data to inform their decision-making.

Users may need different levels of information based on their roles in the manufacturing process. InfinityQS dashboards can be tailored for different user types, so everyone gets the level of detail they need, without sacrificing the consistency that makes the data reliable.

Dashboards can be customized to support the needs of plant floor operators, managers, and executive users.

Give Plant Floor Personnel Real-Time Data

Plant floor operators need to act quickly and confidently to keep the manufacturing process running smoothly. They don’t have time to juggle spreadsheets or dig through extraneous data.

That’s why InfinityQS dashboards put everything plant floor operators, engineers, and supervisors need front and center. The most critical information is summarized into high-level tiles so supervisors can prioritize their efforts on the most critical quality concerns—or head off issues. Operators and engineers can receive notifications based on real-time SPC intelligence so they can respond swiftly to any process variations or missed data collections.

Help Managers Drill into the Details

Management teams need to be able to spot trends, investigate events, and uncover opportunities to improve quality. InfinityQS quality improvement dashboards can be configured for more analytical decision-making in addition to real-time views of the organization.

Managers can use quality dashboard tile and metatag features to drill down into specific key performance indicators (KPIs) across sites, products, and processes.

If needed, they can also view statistical process control (SPC) charts, plus box-and-whisker plots and Pareto charts. Because InfinityQS dashboards are fed by a centralized and standardized data repository, management teams can be confident in their analyses, take decisive actions, and share best practices across teams and locations.

Unite Quality Efforts Across the Enterprise

InfinityQS dashboards offer executive leaders the flexibility to see quality manufacturing processes in their entirety or at line-level detail.

With InfinityQS solutions, leaders can enter, view, and analyze quality data in real time and from anywhere, so they can stay in tune with critical manufacturing operations. Standardization across the enterprise makes it faster for executives to evaluate quality metrics by site, product, or process, and simple visual models enable intelligent analyses.

Executive reports are customizable and reusable, which helps leaders plot their organization’s progress over time and set data-driven goals for future initiatives. Dashboards also help executives cut through the clutter and quickly focus on sites or processes that need their attention—and prioritize the improvements that will have the biggest impact.

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