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Extend and Empower Your Quality Team

In modern manufacturing organizations, quality professionals seek to tightly manage every step in every process to ensure consistent quality—a task that becomes more challenging as production lines cross staff, processes, and plants.

Using statistical process control (SPC) for quality improvement can alleviate some of the complexity. SPC brings a systematic approach to data collection and analyses, no matter where they occur. Quality team leaders set the expectations for data collection (i.e., what, when, and how), and establish acceptable deviations. Unfortunately, traditional quality control in manufacturing ends there. The value of that data is often limited to a single use, verification of compliance, or an adjustment justification.

A central data repository extends the benefits of SPC by making the quality data you collect accessible throughout the organization, whether that’s on the plant floor or in the executive board room. With a single repository for quality data, commonly “siloed” information comes together to create a singular, company-wide picture of quality.

Making quality data consistent, accessible, and actionable empowers every team member to put quality first.

Usable, accessible quality data empowers everyone, from the plant floor to the executive board room, to be part of the quality team.

Get Everyone on the Quality Team

Standardization and centralization of data establishes a common language—and expectation—surrounding quality that cascades throughout the organization. When every team member is using the same playbook, some of the complexity dissipates. In its place, manufacturing organizations can introduce ways to improve quality and productivity.

Quality-focused teams can realize greater benefits from their statistical process control efforts.

Eliminate error-prone processes

Manual data collection can lead to “garbage in, garbage out,” wasting the time and resources it takes to collect and analyze the data. Handwritten data can be difficult to interpret, and paper reports can become lost or damaged. If data is missing or indecipherable during an audit, the results can be costly.

InfinityQS solutions enable semi-automated and automated data collection, as well as automated alerts and notifications, to ensure checks are completed and data is accurate. And centralizing your data in a single repository helps you build a clear picture of quality across the organization.

Empower real-time decision-making

Siloed data leads to slower decision-making. In contrast, InfinityQS quality improvement solutions make it easy for you to access data in real time—by production line, plant, or region—at the same pace you need to make quality decisions. Operations managers and quality team members know the moment an issue arises so they can take steps to preserve quality or avoid costly missteps.

Plan more efficiently

With a centralized data repository, empowered users can create and pull reports when they need them, without waiting for IT to merge data from multiple systems or manage a massive export. With accurate and complete data, you can easily plot a continuous improvement journey.

Identify high-impact quality improvements

With accessible, data-backed insights, quality teams can find the most influential quality initiatives to undertake as a company—by region, product, or plant. InfinityQS solutions help you spot transformative opportunities that might otherwise be buried in spreadsheets or stuck in an operational silo. And purpose-built analytical tools help you determine which initiatives will deliver the biggest and fastest ROI.

Save valuable time and money

Quality control in manufacturing is intended to save time and money—not drain resources or become just one more cost center. Quality management software solutions from InfinityQS help your whole quality team increase profits by improving some of the costliest manufacturing metrics like scrap and rework, unplanned downtime, overtime, defect costs, and warranty claims.

Empowered Quality Teams Improve Manufacturing Quality

Ready to empower every team member to put quality first? Take a peek at the features, analytics, dashboards, and reports in InfinityQS software to see how you can improve quality using data you already have.

Connect Your Teams, Improve Your Quality

Putting actionable information into the hands of every empowered team member—from operators to quality professionals to executive leaders—prevents quality disruptions and moves the organization toward quality manufacturing best practices. Working together, you can achieve stronger quality outcomes that transform the entire enterprise, such as:

  • Optimized production
  • Cost, defect, and recall reduction
  • Reduced risk and downtime
  • Improved product compliance and lower audit costs
  • Better yields at the process, plant, regional, and enterprise levels

InfinityQS quality improvement solutions bring data and people together throughout the manufacturing process. The result is greater efficiency, better product consistency, and overall higher manufacturing quality.

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