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Go Beyond the Quality Checklist

As a manufacturer, you do more than just make a product. You are creating a brand and a customer relationship that’s essential for today’s success and the future of your business. Whatever your industry, whether you’re a small manufacturer or a global brand, your company’s reputation and earning potential are always at stake.

Manufacturing quality is the key to differentiation and a competitive advantage. When you put quality at the heart of your operations and your manufacturing culture, you gain more than just a mark on a quality control checklist. You gain the ability to transform your manufacturing organization and position it to thrive now and into the future.

Quality manufacturing starts when you re-imagine where your quality data can take you.

Quality manufacturing starts when you re-imagine where your quality data can take you.

“Coty has realized quality manufacturing benefits across all parts of the value chain—from quality professionals that experience unprecedented database accuracy to executives seeing financial savings.”
Romina Colautti, Process Engineer


Build Quality Manufacturing into Your Culture

Quality manufacturing goes beyond compliance requirements on a quality checklist. It’s more than employing a proven statistical process control (SPC) methodology. It’s a cultural foundation that crosses activities in every aspect of your operations, informs and empowers decision-making, and delivers a powerful return on investment (ROI). It’s the enterprise-wide practice that turns quality data into actionable Quality Intelligence.

Browse the topics in this learning center to learn about the critical aspects of quality control in manufacturing that will elevate the quality manufacturing culture of your organization.

Cost of Quality

When you change the way you think about your investment in quality initiatives in manufacturing, you launch a transformational process that enables positive, continuous improvement—and profitable growth for the future of your organization.

Do you see quality as a cost—or an opportunity? A constant chore—or a strategic advantage?

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Quality Team

In some organizations, the quality team is limited to a few individuals. In organizations that embrace quality manufacturing, the quality team extends across roles and locations, from suppliers to plant floor operators to plant managers to boardroom executives.

When everyone in the organization has a stake in quality, you gain the ability to continuously identify improvement opportunities, minimize risk and recalls, and exceed customer expectations.

How can you foster communication across roles?

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Quality Dashboards

When everyone plays an important role in quality manufacturing, it’s essential to ensure that everyone has the information they need to perform their quality assurance tasks.

Role-based quality dashboards provide an uncluttered interface for showing every user the specific information they need to do their job well—and take meaningful, proactive action to improve quality at every level.

How can you make SPC information more accessible to all your stakeholders?

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Quality Checks

On a busy plant floor, operators may be performing routine quality checks as if they were an annoying chore rather a necessary contribution of assuring quality. More important, they might miss timed checks or skip some quality checks altogether.

When you provide operators with tools such as automated data collection and role-based dashboards, they can more easily see the information they need, perform required checks, and take corrective action in real time.

How can you empower operators and ensure accountability?

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Quality in Real Time

Every manufacturing organization collects data. Lots of data. But often that data is siloed, archived, and never used. In quality manufacturing, valuable data are brought back to life to ensure quality in real time.

That means being able to not only collect data in real time but also see, analyze, and use it to proactively correct issues and improve outcomes—saving time, money, and resources in the process.

How can you improve response times to issues and audits?

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Quality Control Methods

Time-tested quality control methods such as inspection, in-process sampling, and control charts provide a solid foundation for SPC-based quality programs. However, these methods can be time-consuming and often stop at the plant floor.

Learn how to leverage the quality data you already collect today to make more impactful improvements across your whole enterprise.

How can you make SPC information easier to analyze?

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Quality Metrics

Your metrics—the data that you measure and record every day—are just the tip of the quality manufacturing iceberg. Give a second life to your data by centralizing and aggregating it so that you can see the bigger picture of your products, processes, and plants—and make meaningful improvements across your enterprise.

How do you turn quality metrics into quality intelligence?

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Bring Quality Initiatives to Life with Modern SPC

Building a quality manufacturing culture is faster and easier when you have the right tools and systems in place. InfinityQS provides the solutions to address your most critical quality concerns. Grounded in proven statistical process control (SPC) methodology and purpose-built for the way modern manufacturing works today.

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