Quality in Real Time

Close the Gap between Insight and Action

Statistical process control (SPC) standardizes the processes that manufacturers use to collect and analyze quality data. Using SPC, manufacturers become better at predicting outcomes and improving their quality manufacturing processes.

When teams are working to improve quality in real time, they reduce the lag between data collection and proactive corrective actions.

InfinityQS solutions enable real-time data to flow seamlessly into existing workflows right “out of the box.” Once quality data are entered, they are saved to the unified data repository, building a comprehensive view of quality that can be dissected and analyzed across any number of factors, from product code to production line or geographic site.

The information is accessible and actionable too. Using easy-to-read dashboards and alerts, empowered team members can see where they need to focus their attention—right now—to protect quality and eliminate waste.

Time is money. InfinityQS solutions ensure that critical quality data is collected, analyzed, and put to use immediately.

Enable teams to take action and improve quality in real time.

Spot Quality Issues Before They Become Problems

To protect your company’s reputation and earning potential, you need to predict and prevent quality issues before they become full-scale problems. Once products fail in the field, are recalled, or generate customer complaints, recovery can be difficult (and costly) for manufacturers.

InfinityQS quality improvement solutions create a centralized and standardized place for your quality manufacturing data to reside. Real-time data collection, dashboard-level reporting, and automated alerts empower quality teams to act on the data in real time to head off quality problems.

Intervening early saves manufacturers from costly rework, scrap, waste, and upset customers. InfinityQS software gives operators, quality teams, and executives the information they need to control quality and maintain continuous improvement.

When Do You Need Quality Data?

To maintain top quality manufacturing, operators and quality teams need data in real time. InfinityQS enables data collection, analysis, and reporting in real time so you can take steps to consistently protect quality. Right now.

Advantages of Quality in Real Time

The ability to monitor and analyze real-time data from anywhere can save manufacturers millions of dollars. With real-time data, manufacturers can reduce waste and scrap, prevent defects and recalls, and empower operators to protect quality.

On the Plant Floor: Reduce Waste, Prevent Defects, and Empower Operators

Machines or processes that are producing out-of-spec products or parts can waste time and materials, and even lead to product recalls. InfinityQS quality improvement solutions help manufacturers identify issues and pinpoint problem areas in real time and along the entire manufacturing process—not just during final testing.

InfinityQS helps manufacturers continually measure and improve their operations by:

  • ensuring quality checks are completed consistently and accurately
  • catching issues and non-conforming products as early as possible
  • automatically alerting operators when a process, machine, or product falls out of spec
  • drilling down into issues and trends so variations can be resolved faster

InfinityQS solutions enable users to monitor and respond to real-time quality data from any location, any time. Your data are stored in a centralized repository and standardized to accommodate detailed investigations into defect codes, shifts, customer codes, employees, lot numbers, or parts.

InfinityQS solutions give operators, engineers, and plant managers the tools and insight they need to identify, prioritize, and drive quality improvement.

Across the Enterprise: Turn Information into Strategy

At the corporate level, one person may oversee several products, plants, or regions. A unified data repository that’s updated and accessible in real time helps off-site managers stay tightly connected to daily operations—even at remote facilities.

When quality leaders have accurate and timely information at their fingertips, manufacturing organizations gain the following benefits:

  • Speed—Quality leaders can pull information, track trends, and respond to audits in a fraction of the time required with manual or siloed data management solutions.
  • Powerful analytic capabilities—Leaders can compare products, shifts, processes, and sites in a single chart or dashboard without performing exports or complex calculations.
  • Strategic insight—With the ability to analyze historical and aggregated data, quality managers can develop best practices and uncover new approaches to achieve quality that provides a competitive advantage.
  • Confidence—Managers can verify, in real time, that quality manufacturing processes are being followed precisely across lines, shifts, and sites.

A Food and Beverage Manufacturer Cut $2.2M in Waste with On Demand SPC Software

A leading North American consumer packaged Food and Beverage company needed to decrease plant-to-plant manufacturing variations and reduce waste. The company leveraged InfinityQS SPC-driven and cloud-based quality management software to pool real-time manufacturing data from six sites and a corporate lab into a single, secure data repository.

With immediate access to real-time performance data, the quality assurance team was able to quickly find and respond to fluctuations in data. See what they uncovered—and how it changed the business.

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