Quality Metrics

Manufacturing Excellence Starts with the Data You Already Have

Modern manufacturers have two choices: to simply meet quality and regulatory standards or to pursue manufacturing excellence and reset the bar. Which do you choose?

The insight you need to break through quality barriers and transform your manufacturing organization is within reach. It’s in your quality metrics.  

The metrics you measure are more than just report cards and to-do lists. They can help you adapt, thrive, and thrill customers with reliably high quality. The challenge is being able to see into that vast amount of data to determine which quality initiatives should rise to the top.

The key is to standardize and centralize your quality data in a single repository. Once performance data from different quality systems are unified, they can be turned into manufacturing intelligence.

Stop solving problems and start pursuing excellence. Use quality metrics to launch a perpetual cycle of continuous improvement.

Get the Total Quality Picture

What would happen if you only read 2% of your emails? You’d miss a lot.

That’s exactly what many manufacturing organizations are doing with their collected data; they dig deep into exception data and ignore the majority of their quality metrics. By doing so, they miss opportunities to make substantive, system-wide improvements.

InfinityQS quality improvement software aggregates a variety of quality metrics—and yes, this includes in-spec data, so it’s easy to compare performance across lines, parts, plants, and other key factors. Whether data are collected manually or through automation, they all flow into one place. Then the data are standardized so access to the information and analysis becomes easy, and you can see the “big picture” of quality across the organization.

Statistical process control (SPC)-driven dashboards and control charts bring quality priorities into focus. With access to this clarified data in real time, your busy executives can identify opportunities for huge improvements in quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Better Decisions Lead to Better Quality

InfinityQS solutions help leaders model process capability so they can evaluate the impacts of quality improvement initiatives—and prioritize those that will have the most value.

Data stream grading, for example, enables executives to visually expose and isolate those areas of potential improvements. All streams of data are given a score based on actual performance versus expected performance, giving leaders a clear picture of what’s working, where they need to deploy Six Sigma support, and what they stand to gain.

Simple color-coded matrices show leaders where to capture “quick wins” and which processes will deliver transformational improvement.

With detailed metrics at their fingertips, executives gain visibility across the entire enterprise. Quality excellence that’s achieved in one plant or line can be replicated across the organization to maximize the impact and multiply return on investment (ROI). Even with limited resources, quality manufacturing leaders can turn data into intelligence and better-informed decisions.

Which Quality Metrics Matter Most?

All of your quality metrics matter—not just the defects or “lessons learned.” InfinityQS quality improvement solutions collect and combine all of your quality data into a single system so you can compare and improve performance across the enterprise. See what’s happening in your organization in real time and over time.

See What’s Ahead to Stay Ahead

InfinityQS helps manufacturers prevent quality issues rather than simply respond to them. Built to support quality manufacturing with real-time SPC, InfinityQS software gives leaders the information they need to predict quality outcomes, when and where they need it.

Dashboards transform key quality data into digestible summaries, so quality leaders can take proactive steps to reduce risk, increase efficiency, improve profitability, and produce top-quality products.

In modern manufacturing, it’s not enough to know what happened yesterday. To achieve quality excellence, you need to know what’s happening right now, what will happen if you take action, and where to begin.

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